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Costley School welcomes our 8th graders to 2017-2018 school year.. Our school uniform is beige khaki pants/ skirt and navy blue polo shirt. First day of School is Thursday, September 7. Please report to cafeteria at 7am.
School Based Emergency Response/Crisis Management Plan Format
School Name: John L. Costley Middle School
All schools will follow the format below and submit electronically
Table of Contents
I.          School Demographics
Administrative Staff
Name(s)                                            Email                                         
Office    Number                            

 Amalia Trono, Principal                         973-266-5662                             

Dr. Nigel Sangster, Asst. Principal               973-266-5695                            
School Address       116 Hamilton St East Orange, NJ 07017       
Phone Number(s)      973-266-5660         

Closest Cross Streets       Clinton St. and Lincoln Street           
Total Student Population            396                Student Hours       7:45am - 2:10pm__
Number of Physically Challenged/Students**   0   
Number ESL Students and Languages Spoken        11      

Total Number of Permanent Staff     87      Transient Staff       0                                                        Total Number of Physically Challenged Staff**   0   
Multilingual staff and languages spoken   20 

(Spanish, Creole, , French, Portuguese, Ebu, Yoruba, Greek & Tagalog)
            Permanent Staff Roster with emergency contact information
                See Attachment A
            Transient Staff Roster with schedule
            SRO Assignments (If applicable)
      Sergeant Berrouet East Orange Police Department assigned to Hart Complex
            Extended Day Activities (afterschool and weekends) times and locations in buildings
                      Detention                                        Monday- Friday                     2:10 - 2:55 pm      IMC/Library
         After School Study Skills Program        Tuesday, Wednesday,           2:25-3:25 pm        Rms. 323, 324, 325, 326, 327, 311               
             After School Tutoring                           Tuesday, Wednesday            2:25-3:25 pm       Rms. 395, 307, 318, 317, 403,
               After School Clubs                                Thursdays                           2:25-3:25 pm     
Vocal Music- Music Room Basement Costley
Instrumental Music- Band   Room
Sports Club - Big Gym
Circle of Sisterhood – Rm. 402 Costley
Circle of Brotherhood- Rm. 402 Costley
Saturday Tutoring             9-12 noon
            Person(s) responsible for activating school messenger
                        Amalia Trono, Principal and Dr. Nigel Sangster, Assistant Principal
            Master Schedule – Include hours for any before and after school activities
                                    See Attachment B
            Chain of command for emergencies (include back-ups)
                                    Amalia Trono, Principal 
                                    Dr. Nigel Sangster, Assistant Principal
                                    Andre Adams, Disciplinarian
Go Bag Location and Person(s) responsible for it during emergency
                                    Assistant Principal’s Office, Dr. Nigel Sangster & Susan Collins
            Building Access for students, staff, and visitors (reference building floor plans)
                        Front Door/Lobby - See Attachment C
            Visitor Management Procedures
                        Buzz in for entry and sign in at the main office
            Procedures for Deliveries to Schools
                        Buzz In for Entry at Main Lobby for Visitors & Delivery
            General Dismissal Procedures including transportation arrangements
                        Students who don’t take the school bus exit out of the side door #1
                     Students who take after school bus report to the small gym
Transportation Pick-Up/Drop Off Times and Locations
                        Morning drop off: Front of the building
                      Afternoon pick-up – Back of building Small Gym
Staff with Master Keys/Access Code information
                        Amalia Trono, Principal
                       Dr. Nigel Sangster, Assistant Principal
                        Susan Collins- Secretary in Charge (access code)
                         Khaliah Johnson- Back-up Secretary (access code)
                         Yuell Roundtree, Head Custodian (master Keys)
**Please include in evacuation plans and logistics section written instructions of how your school ensures that physically challenged student(s)/staffs are safely removed from building during evacuation and identify staff responsible for ensuring their safe evacuation.
 II.         School Crisis/Safety Team Meeting Schedule
    Name                                     Role/Responsibilities              Location                             Back-Up Person
    Amalia Trono, Principal                              Team Leader                           Command Center                 
Dr. Nigel Sangster, Assistant Principal
Andre Adams, Disciplinarian /  Crisis Team Leader       Secure the site                  Crisis Location                      
Nicholas Masia, Math Coach
      Anthony Cox                                       School Safety Officer                    Command Center        
      Daphnee Derivois                                 School Counselor                       Crisis Location
III.                    Medical Resources and Staff
            Staff Name(s)                            Email                                Phone Number                   
  Carolyn Hayward King                                        973-266-5664 
Carolyn Howard                                     973-266-5664
Staff Schedule   7:30 am-2:25 pm
            Location(s) of AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
                        Swimming Pool- mounted on wall across the pool
Nurse’s Office  
Portable AED:  Main Office
                        Big Gymnasium
            Person(s) trained to use AED
                      Mr. Kessaris, Ms. Radar, Mrs. Soloviev, Mr. Fischer, Mr. Maus, Mr. Troast, Ms. Diaz,
                        Ms. Wilson, Mr. Hubany, Ms. Junco, Mr. Hutchins
 ,                      Mr. Maus, Mr. Fischer, Ms. King
    Building CPR or EMT Trained Staff                                        Location
      Mr. Kessaris                                                                            Big Gym  
Ms. Rader                                                                                     Rm. 303     
Mrs. Soloviev                                                                                 Pool            
Mr. Fischer                                                                                     Rm. 316       
Mr. Maus                                                                                        Rm.325
Mr. Troast                                                                                      Big Gym
Mr. Hubany                                                                                     Rm.329
Ms. Junco                                                                                        Rm. 310
Ms. Diaz                                                                                          Rm. 403
Ms. Braimah                                                                                    Rm. 407
Mr. Hutchins                                                                                    Rm. 305
Ms. Connie-Liristis                                                                           Rm. 200
Ms. King                                                                                      Nurse’s Office
Location(s) of First Aid and Emergency Supplies
                Nurse’s office and Main Office
Hospital and Medical Center Contact Information
  East Orange Hospital      300 Central Avenue East Orange NJ 07018         973-672-8400
  University Hospital   150 Bergen St. Newark, NJ 07013                              973-972-4300
IV.       Assignments of Non-teaching Personnel During Emergencies and Evacuations
Name                                        Title                           Assignment/Location
Carolyn Hayward King           First Aid Responder               Provides emergency first aid until medical
                                                                                              assistance arrives/ Nurse office
 Carolyn Howard           Back-up: First Aid Responder
Andre Adams                          Site Coordinator                     Respond to emergency and control access to
                                                                                               affected area / Office
Anthony Cox                      School Safety Officer                   Respond to emergency and control access to
                                                                                               affected area/Office
Nicholas Masia               Back up: Site Coordinator
Candace Ballard             Sweep team Coordinator                Secure the building by checking restrooms,
                                                                                                hallways, exit areas
Ernest Ancion          Back up: Sweep team Coordinator                         
Ballard                                  Security Personnel                              Fourth Floor
Ancion                                  Security Personnel                              Third Floor      
Dunston                                Security Personnel                              Second Floor
Dorsey                                  Security Personnel                               Basement
Elizabeth Potucek                Media Coordinator                               Meets with Media/ Coaches’ Office
Connie Liristis- Wilson         Back up
V.        Command Centers
(Each command center should have a copy of the Emergency Response/Crisis Management (ERCM) plan, floor plans in sealed dated envelope, and Go bag or box.  Please remember to mark location of Command Centers on floor plans).

 Primary Command Center Location     Phone Number(s)         Computer Access               Email Address
 East Orange High School                                           973-266-7300                                  yes                           
Alternative Command Center Location    Phone Number(s)   Computer Access              
Email Address

East Orange Stem High School                         973-266-7300                  yes           
VI.       Emergency Code System
Effective communications, information management, and information-and intelligence-sharing are critical aspects of emergency response and emergency management.  For this reason, FEMA through their NIMS (National Incident
Management System) requires that K-12 schools and institutions of higher education apply and use common and consistent terminology for school and campus incidents, including the establishment of plain language communication standards.  Common terminology enables emergency management/response personnel to communicate clearly with each other and effectively coordinate activities, no matter the size, scope, location, or complexity of the incident.
Therefore, the EOSD code system will be as follows for all schools:
Evacuation, Reverse Evacuation, Shelter in Place, Lockdown, Active Shooter, All Clear
 VII.      Evacuation Plans and Site Logistics
Attach Plans (include descriptions/diagrams) showing primary and alternative building evacuation and deployment routes and assembly areas at primary and secondary evacuation sites.
In case of evacuation to another site who initiates call to site?      Amalia Trono      
Back-Up      Dr. Nigel Sangster

Primary Evacuation Site   East Orange Campus High School    
Contact Person at Primary Site   Dr. Jose Aviles, Principal 
Phone Number     973-266 7300   

Back-Up     Dr. Older Azard    
Phone Number    973-266-7300    

Primary Evacuation Site Deployment Plan
Students will assemble first on the field and be escorted towards Prospect Street to head towards East Orange Campus High School
Assembly Chart (location on field or auditorium)
Secondary Evacuation Site    East Orange STEM High School 
Contact Person at Secondary Site   Dr. Deltufo 
Phone Number    973-266-5900    

Back-Up    Katerina Richardson 
Phone Number   973-266-5900   

Secondary Evacuation Site Deployment Plan
Students will assemble first on the field and be escorted towards Prospect Street to head towards East Orange Stem High School
Assembly Chart (location on field or auditorium)
Procedures for notifying bus drivers to return to school or evacuation site to transport students during emergency.
Lead Secretary will call Bus Company.
 Person responsible for contacting Transportation Providers         Susan Collins                  Back up person     Khaliah Johnson
Contact Information for Transportation Providers
Mary Jones    973-332-3188     
VIII.     Student Accounting and Release Protocol/Family Reunification
Parents must report to designated staging area where they will present picture identification, and complete a student sign-out card.  Before releasing student, staff members will check student information to ensure that student can be released to the requester.
Staff person(s) responsible for student release   Erica Sterling, Daphnee Derivois,
Fostyne Mitchell, and Amy Block  

Staff person(s) responsible for student accounting  Amalia Trono & Dr. Nigel Sangster  
IX.       Shut off and Tactical Information
List primary and back-up person(s) with knowledge of location & operation beside each item below.  These locations should be clearly marked on your floor plans and attached to this section.
  1. Gas Meter                                  Mr. Roundtree
  2. Electrical Panel                          Mr. Roundtree
  3. Domestic Water                          Mr. Roundtree
  4. Fire System, Valves and FDC     Mr. Roundtree
  5. Other Fire Protection System     Mr. Roundtree
  6. Shafts and Crawlspaces             Mr. Roundtree
  7. Roof Access                                Mr. Roundtree
  8. Alarm and Annunciator                Mr. Roundtree
  9. Intercom (locations type)  Main Office     Ms. Collins
  10. Hazards                                      Mr. Roundtree
  11. Boiler/Mechanical Room             Mr. Roundtree
  12. Chemistry Storage                      Mr. Roundtree
  13. Panic Buttons/Phones                Mr. Roundtree
Mr. Roundtree, Head Custodian, is responsible for all shut off operations.
In his absence, Ms. Armstrong will be in charge.


Fire Extinguisher Locations
First Floor                          Second Floor                  Third Floor                  Fourth Floor
Big Gymnasium                 Front Hall                       Front of Rm 301                   Exit 1
Small Gymnasium              Main Office                    Front of Rm 306                   Exit 2
Front of Small Gymnasium      Front of Library      Between Rms. 309/310     Front of Rm 402
Exit 11                                                                    Between Rms. 316/317     Teachers’ Lounge
Pool Area                                                               Between Rms. 323/324
                                                                                                       Side of Rm 329
X.        Chemical/Hazardous Materials Storage Locations
                Basement- Truth School: Storage Room which is vented.
XI.       Special Needs Populations Plans and Logistics (include locations, primary and secondary persons assigned, etc.)  NA
XII.      Food Service
Hours of Operations  7am-2:10 pm      Supervisor  Fran Sosa 
Phone Number   973-323-9095   
XIII.     Emergency Procedures and Protocols
Refer to EOSD Classroom Emergency Management Guide, School Administrator  Procedures: Responding to Critical Incidents CD, and NJDOE School Safety & Security Manual: Best Practices Guide