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Costley School welcomes our 8th graders to 2017-2018 school year.. Our school uniform is beige khaki pants/ skirt and navy blue polo shirt. First day of School is Thursday, September 7. Please report to cafeteria at 7am.
The Costley uniform consist of a navy blue collar shirt and gray pants or gray skirt.
Here is the website if you would like to purchase uniforms: ONESTOPGRAD.COM/JOHNCOSTLEY††

Supply List†
Combination or Keyed lock for locker
Book bag
Flash Drive
Looseleaf Paper
Student Planner
Gym:† blue/gray shorts, white t-shirt, swimsuit, towel, and sneakers

School Busing Information
The only available busing to the Hart Complex ( There are 3 schools that make up the Hart Complex- Costley, Healy, and Truth)† departs & returns from/to The Old Tyson (Elmwood Avenue)before and after school.
Busing is a privilege not a right. Students must maintain proper behavior in order to receive district-funded busing.

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