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Costley School welcomes our 8th graders to 2017-2018 school year.. Our school uniform is beige khaki pants/ skirt and navy blue polo shirt. First day of School is Thursday, September 7. Please report to cafeteria at 7am.



Library Media Specialist - Ms. Deidra

Hart Complex Media Center has a collection of over 12,000 circulating books, reference books and audio/visual materials. To ensure students, teachers and staff have the best possible materials at hand, we are continuously updating our collection.  
Hart Complex Media Center is available during school hours.

Library Media Center Rules
  1. NO food, drinks, or gum in the Media Center!
  1. Treat all staff, materials, resources and technology with RESPECT 
  1. Inappropriate language or behavior in the Media Center WILL NOT be tolerated and will lead to loss of privileges.
  1. You MUST have a pass to enter the IMC and sign in upon arrival (unless visiting with a class)
  1. Priority for computer use is given to students working on class assignments and research.
  1. Any student found on an inappropriate site will lose computer privileges for one week.  If the student is found a second time on an inappropriate site he/she may completely lose computer privileges.
  1. Books are borrowed for a 2 WEEK period.
(if you need more time come to the Library before the book is due and we will give you a new due date. Otherwise your book will be considered late!)
  1. Books not returned on their due date will be noted on your record and a fine will be issued. You MUST pay for a book if you have lost or damaged it beyond repair

World Book Online Encyclopedia
Username: eosdhart
Password: hartms

  Destiny Online Catalog
  (click HART COMPLEX to search our collection)

Ebooks (read books online)
Username:  follettshelf
Password:   hms116

    Important Links   Important Links         

                   East Orange Public Library

                   New Jersey Department of Education   
                   New Jersey Department of Education-Core Curriculum Content Standards
   Useful Sites-References

                 KidsClick! is a web search site designed for kids by librarians - with kid-friendly


                 IPL2-a public service reference tool partnered with nine universities

                 Fact Monster is an online almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia and homework help site

                 FirstGov for Kids: A site for students to the government